Gehwara-e-Adab Canada Organizes a Poetic Tribute Event for Legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz
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Toronto – Wednesday April 20th 2011 – Gehwara-e- Adab Canada in an event held at a local Toronto Hotel, celebrated the work of great Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz and prominent figures of intellectual circles paid tribute to him.

Gehwara’s event was attended by media and large number of literary figures of Greater Toronto area. During the first part of the program;

Event’s first part was presided by prominent Urdu scholar Dr. Taqi Abedi, at this time guest poet from United Kingdom Mahjabeen Ghazal Ansari was also invited to sit at the head table as chief guest.

Sahir Zameer gave details about the main idea of program, background of Gehwara-e-Adab Canada and then invited Wali Alam Shaheen on head table along with Iqbal Qamar Central Organiser of MQM Canada to sit at the head table.

Program started with recitation of Holy Quran and emcee Sahir Zameer invited Central Organizer of MQM Canada to address the participant who thanked all honourable guest present and their appreciated their cooperation at present, past as well as in future, Iqbal Qamar also paid tribute to the organizations who had been lending their support through out the journey of Gehwara-e-Adab.

Iqbal Qamar briefly expressed the ideology of MQM with reference to promotion of Literary activities across the world in general and in Canada in particular.

Sahir Zameer then invited Dr. Taqi Abedi to deliver exclusive lecture on the Legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faz. Dr. Taqi Abedi who is a renowned Urdu scholar delivered a thought provoking speech on the topic which was taken with great interest by the audience.

In the 2nd part of the event, introduction of book of guest poet from UK was conducted initially by Wali Alam Shaheen and then Dr. Taqi Abedi, honourable guest from UK also spoke briefly about her work and literary journey and read some of the her poetry from the book.

Announcement was also made about the upcoming mushaira’s which shall take place on June 3rd 2011. Such events will also be organized in Toronto and Montreal, details to follow. Wali Alam Shaheen also announced inclusion of Fatima Zehra Jabeen a new member to Great Toronto Area committee of Gehwara-e-Adab Canada,

The third part of the program was the Mehfil-e-Mushaira which was emceed by Anis Farooqui. The Mehfile-Mushaira was presided over by senior poet, Wali Alam Shaheen and Ikram Barelvi.

In the mushaira Hammad Amrovi, Akbar Hyderabadi, Anwar Kamal Rizivi, Junaid Akhtar, Rida Fatima, Fatima Zehra Jabeen, Seema Naqvi, Muslim Hasni, Nasreen Syed, Dr. Ansari, Darakhshan Faisal Azeem, Shakila Rafiq, Karamat Ghori, Munif Ashar, Tahir Aslam Gora, Zakia Ghazal, Tasnim Abedi, Ghazal Ansari, Taqi Abedi and Wali Alam Shaheen. The Mushaira was well organized, prestigious and enjoyed by the attendees and will be remembered.

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